Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night, Dr. Shaikh Sajidullah Mahmood conducts 10-minute sessions of Tafseer or exegesis of the Holy Quran.

These quick sessions focus on the translation of the word of Allah and lessons driven from it.

Currently, this session is after Isha on the above days.

Watch past Tafseer sessions here:

1. Al Fateha

2. Al Baqarah

3. Aal e Imran

4. Al Nisa

5. Al Ma’idah

6. Al An’aam

7. Al A’raaf

8. Al Anfal

9. At Taubah

10. Younus

11. Hood

12. Yousuf

13. Ra’d

14. Ibraheem

15. Al Hijr (ongoing)