Whoever builds a Masjid small or big, Allah builds for them a house in Paradise. (Tirmizi)

من بنى مسجدا صغيرا أو كبيرا بنى الله له بيتا في الجنة ترمذی

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Darul Iman has been around as a Musalla (prayer room) for 6 years now. So far, we have been renting our premise. With the increasing needs of our community, it has become necessary for us to move to a permanent location with more space. Our new location has to house a bigger prayer room, classrooms for our full-time school, and a bigger section for sisters.

Please donate generously for this noble cause. All donations will be used to run the day to day activities of the Musalla and for the New Masjid. Your donations will be a Sadaqa e Jariya, which means that they will become an everlasting source of reward for you and your generations to come.

All donations are tax-exempt, our EIN is 47-4019897

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Make checks payable to Darul Iman and mail to:
638 Grand Canyon Dr, Madison, WI-53719

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Routing Number: 075900575
Account number: 2213345362
Bank: Associated Bank